MOODMU Lighting has been nearly 40 years in lighting design and manufacturing experience.For years, we devoted to our selves to supply the best lighting product and service to our worldwide customers.
nowadays, we hope we can bring a mixture of light, technology and wooden material profession into our series of product with a natural and comfy interior lighting design.
Based on wooden material, select the substantial forest farm, reduce the resource needs.
Light is the key for good life, infusing lighting fixture and optical design, MOODMU creating a warm and sweet atmosphere at home. True, good and beautiful, a good life provider with you.


Light for meal, for reading before sleep, light can not only fulfill fundamental need but also nourish mind and heart.
Vipassana with its independent light source design inside & outside, by slight waving hand, it can switch the light between vision and heart.


Overcoming the limits of bentwood forming technology, PEAK, has its simplicity design with sophisticated outside and extraordinary inside.Just like the people who’s standing on the peak, looks ordinary outside, but inside is having a tough and tensile heart.

Leaving the design in pure & simple, having an ideal & logical design faith,we are now putting on a new white color for PEAK,and a new option for spatial decoration.


Mountain family – East mountain. Just like a sunlight shines the peak of mountain, brings the vigorous day in the morning. The light shines through the transparent matt white glass, it resonates the natural veneer grain on lampshade vividly. Under a proper lighting performance, it makes the space alive.


Light Palace, was designed from the idea of Chinese ancient eaves that in order to catch the rosy clouds into the house. In the night mode, the ray of light comes out from the simple wooden layers, just like remaining heat from sun light, it can warm all night long. Light palace has main light and night light modes, it can be changed by waving hand.


Piece of Light is a tribute from MOODMU to Louis Sullivan great theory “Form follows function”, Wood grain flows on a surface, an arc let the light out, a magnetic design, it can change the direction by user’s need.


There is grandeur between sky and land, always can find beautiful and good things among the nature. Have you ever found the wood grain just performs like cloud and water. Setting family performs with light and wood, let grandeur stays in the house.

MOODMU will exhibit 2019 all new product during the exhibition, welcome to visit and enjoy a sense of MOODMU’s spirit.